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 Overview Of 6 Crafting Skills in Aion

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PostSubject: Overview Of 6 Crafting Skills in Aion   Fri 26 Jun 2009, 2:45 pm

First, you will need to find the trainers.

Profession trainers can be found in the Hall of the Saints.

[Metal Armour Crafting]

This skill enables you to create plate and chain type armours. It mostly uses metal, and you can pretty much make anything utilizing the anvil sitting next to the trainer.

[Weapon crafting]

This skill enables you to create weapons ranging from maces to short swords. You can make two-handed swords as well, but you can’t make weapons that don’t utilize metal such as staves and bows.


Mostly used to create potions. Aside from simple healing potions, you can make buff potions that heighten your magical/physical damages as well.

There’s a lot of potions designed for melee characters as well.


For crafting things like bows, staves and such. Uses wood-based materials and gems.


You can craft ranging from leather to robes, belts and many other different types of armour. Think of it as a profession that allows you to make anything that’s made of leather or fabric. For casters, most armours consist of leather materials.

The weaving process is very beautiful. If you want to become an attractive Daeva make sure you pick up this handiwork-involving skill.


Creates temporary buff items. Ingredients include all types of water-based creatures, grass(…), some eggs from monsters as well as meat.

Although buff food doesn’t really play a big role yet, once the professions become more diversified and more ingredients become available, seems like this profession may become one of the most popular ones.

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Overview Of 6 Crafting Skills in Aion
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